> In the group Project Assistance for Education, Culture and Ecology we train our skills for the implementation of projects: Mindful communication, handling people, hand tools and media, technology, office and organisational software, concept development, planning, project management, working in teams, applied ecological technologies, meetings with Spanish organisations, public relations.

> So we will plan and realize projects in a joint “learning by doing” approach: Offers for residents and tourists in the region, learning/playing space for children and young people, seminars for adults, environmental & permaculture workshops, yoga and cultural events, concerts, information events, presentations and much more.

> We acquire relevant knowledge together and independently and develop sustainable competencies:
Manual, technical and digital applications (for office, organisation, management, mindmapping), ability to work in a team, creative thinking, idea development and implementation, the ability to solve tasks and to strengthen self-confidence through participation/success.