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Planung für die multifunktionale Yoga und Mediatations-Plattform geht voran

Planning of a multifunctional
yoga & meditation platform

Screenshot 2017-06-27 14.53.08

Measurement of the
Yoga &
multifunctional platform

Welcome Dear Friends & Visitors!

to Monte Alegre – The Place to be

Our Vision

» We create a free, peaceful hub for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, culture or religion in an energetically ideal place

»  An alternative, generation-spanning model in which we can learn from and with each other and be creative together – holistic, innovative, sustainable and altruistic

Monte Alegre Axonometric scheme»  Monte Alegre gives an impulse for a responsible, social, ecological and technological development in Andalusia

»  We aim for a harmonic balance between economic aspects, ideals and spiritual goals

Living in nature

» Ecological space and accommodation for activities and projects with ca. 200 people

» Sense gardens and natural parcs for young and old

» Cultivation of fruits, vegetables, herbals and healing plants from around the world

» Ponds and natural spaces

Ecological awareness

» The architectural arrangement is integrated in its natural environment and rural conditions

» Biological and permacultural agriculture

» Monte Alegre relies on recycling and pursues a closed, natural circulation:

  • » Sustainable energy
  • » Innovative and altruistic

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